iPhone & Android apps

  • How do I order a Cabify?

    Once you have download the app and created your account, follow these steps:

    1. Select your pick up location by moving the green pin over the map or typing the address.
    2. There is a calendar at the right top, use it if you need to book instead of ordering asap.
    3. Select the vehicle type you need at the left bottom.
    4. Press the confirmation button at the right bottom to get to the summary screen.
    5. Type the drop off location if you want to know the estimated price.
    6. Now you are ready! Just press the confirmation button and your driver will pick you up.
  • How do I schedule a Cabify in advance?

    It is quite easy. Just use the calendar at the top right to select date and time when you are ordering. The rest of the proccess remains the same as ordering asap.

  • How can I add a payment method?

    Open the menu and press in 'Payment methods' option. Once there, press 'ADD' or '+' and enter your payment method details. You can choose between credit/debit card via Transbank or paypal. Make sure to select the currency you want to be charged on.

    We validate all your payment details immediately, so you can order a Cabify when you need.

    *If you need to add a Chilean credit card you must select Transbank. This option is only available in iPhone and our web app.

  • Can I use my corporate and personal account at the same time?

    Open the menu and tap the arrow below your photo, then tap 'Add account' or '+'. Fill in the email and password for the account you want to add (you must have created it before).

    You will be now able to switch between your accounts easily from the menu.

  • How do I cancel my trip?

    If you have ordered "asap", you can cancel directly from the driver search screen by tapping 'Cancel journey'. If your driver is on their way to pick you up, go to the help screen by tapping the question mark, then tap Cancel journey'.

    If you want to cancel a reservation booking, go to the main menu and tap 'Active reservations'. Once there, select the booking you want to cancel and 'Cancel reservation'

  • Can I get Cabify credit for inviting friends?

    Yes, it´s quite easy. Open the menu and tap 'Ride for free'. You can share your invitation link via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or email. Your friends will get Cabify credit for their first ride and you will get the same amount once they have used it.

  • Can I check my reservations?

    Yes, it´s a piece of cake. Open the menu and tap 'Active Reservations'. Any reservations you have made will appear in the list. Simply tap a reservation to view more details.

  • How can I cancel a reservation?

    Go to 'Active Reservations', press on the reservation you want to cancel and tap 'Cancel reservation' button.

  • How can I check my previous journeys?

    Simply open the menu and tap 'Previous journeys'. Once there, you can tap any previous journey to view the details.

  • Can I check the rates in the apps?

    Yes, just open the menu, go to 'Rates' and select the country and city you want to check.

  • How can I contact Cabify?

    Simply open the menu and tap 'Help'. Once here, you will be able to phone one of our offices or write us an email.

  • How can I update my personal info?

    Open the menu and tap the yellow pencil button at the right top. Change your data and tap 'Save'.

  • Why do you ask for all those permissions in the Android app?

    Our Android app needs some permissions to work properly.

    • Identity: To create your Cabify user account.
    • Contacts: To send invitations to your friends.
    • Location: To know your location so you can order a Cabify and the driver locates you.
    • Phone: To call the driver if needed.
    • Photos/Media/Files: To choose your avatar.
    • Device ID & Call information: To make easier the registration process.


    • Receive data from Internet/Full network access/View network connections: Cabify needs internet connection to work.
    • Use accounts on the device: To manage your Cabify account.
    • Read Google service configuration: To receive push notifications, location and map services.
    • Control vibration: To make the phone vibrate for special events such us driver arrival.
    • Prevent device from sleeping: To receive push notifications.